Fun Fun Fun Fest offers more than just music; many festival goers look forward to the weekend's comedic acts, which include big name funny men and former UT students.

If you're looking for more fun after Fun Fun Fun Fest day concerts, the festival offers Nites - a series of aftershows that keeps the music going long after you've left Auditorium Shores.

Longhorn Life's exclusive pre-FFF Fest interview with Nora Kirkpatrick of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, whose third album will be released in early 2013.

Longhorn Life's Channing Holman phoned in with female rapper Kreayshawn before her Fun Fun Fun Fest set about style and her grandpa's "Gucci Gucci" love.

This year Fun Fun Fun Fest teamed up with carpooling website Amovens to promote ride sharing and reduce the festival's carbon footprint.

Longhorn Life photographer Alejandro Silveyra didn't have tickets to ACL, but he did see it from a unique perspective.

While Austin may be known for its “weirdness,” you'll find a different style in every neighborhood. Check out these local, versatile trendsetters.


Still undecided on this year's presidential election? To help you out, we explain where each major candidate stands on the season's hot-button issues.

One of the best parts of being a UT college student is spending weekends downtown and exploring Austin's thriving nightlife. But with so many local bars and clubs, it can be hard to decide where to go. Check out these Longhorn Life favorites on your next downtown excursion.

Whether or you're a marathon runner, thrill-seeking biker or just looking for a new place to dog walk, Austin has a place for you to exercise outdoors. Check out our favorite spots!

With the variety of outdoor activities that Austinites have to choose from on a daily basis, it’s no wonder Austin often ranks as one of the “fittest” cities in America. Combine that with Texas’ warm, sunny climate for the perfect place to get out and explore. 

“Texas fight! Texas fight! And it’s goodbye to A&M!” Seriously, though. As of July, it's official: Texas A&M has joined the Southeastern Conference. 

Fall is approaching, and though Texas winters aren’t exactly fur-coat worthy, it’s best to get outside before those winds pick up. Luckily Austin is a beacon for cheap, outdoor activities.

 William “Bill” Liechty, a doctoral candidate and NSF graduate research fellow in the chemical engineering department at UT, was awarded the $10,000 grand prize for his research on the use of biopolymers and nanotechnology for drug delivery systems.

If you’ve been a studying, caffeine-chugging drone this past week, you may have not noticed that Mother’s Day is creeping up quickly. Don’t fear, though. If you use a little creativity, you can give your mother the day she needs without looking like you got her gifts last minute.

Finals week is that time of the semester where we flood our bodies with caffeine in the hopes of being able to survive long hours of studying. However, your body (and your sanity) can only take so much, so you need to make sure to give yourself a break!

George F. Miller, an astronomy and Plan II Honors senior, was presented with the George H. Mitchell Student Award for Academic Excellence Wednesday evening at a dinner ceremony hosted by the University Co-op.

Beach volleyball may seem like something you’d only find in places like California, but a student organization at UT is proving that the sport can catch on just about anywhere.

Longhorn Life talked to Kerry Cook, professor in the Department of Geological Sciences to find out the likelihood of a summer drought and the importance of conserving water.

It’s hard to miss the construction on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe streets, across from the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center. What was once parking lot F27 will now become the Belo Center for New Media, which will house the KUT Public Broadcast Center as well as parts of the College of Communication.


When it comes to planning for summer vacation, there are often so many trips you would like to take that it can become difficult to choose where to go. Typically, the deciding factor for college students is budget ­— how much money do you have and how much are you willing to spend. So crack into that piggy bank and count up your change! We’ve planned great summer destinations for every budget.

Do you need to pick up a few hours to graduate on time? Is summer school looming in your immediate future? Do you fear your vacation is over before it even started? Cheer up, hombre. I know that summer school may seem like the bane of your existence, because it is essentially an oxymoron in the most horrible way, but if you're forced to spend another month and a half or so on the Forty Acres you could be doing a whole lot worse.

Who says you need to fly out of town for a fun summer vacation? This year, save yourself the stress of extensive traveling, and have a summer “staycation” right here in Austin. Use this as a chance to see essential Austin attractions and locales that you typically don’t have time for during the school year.

It’s finally May. You’ve survived late-night cramming and early-morning classes all for this treasured time of the year — summer! Whether this was your last semester or first, you have something to celebrate, because you made it through. What better way to kick off the summer than by throwing a barbeque-by-the-pool kickback?