The holidays are fast behind us but a winter chill remains in the Texan air. Whether you’re looking for a new drink or to you’re trying keep warm, we’ve rounded up some of the city’s favorite hot drinks to get you through the remaining winter months.

That one person in the all-silent library causing a scene by opening a bag of chips? Don't be him. Try Megan Smith's almond blueberry muffins, and avoid irritating an entire room during finals.

Longhorn Life writer Katie Noriega shares her mom's classic turkey burger recipe - perfect for fall and great with Katie's pumpkin brownies.

We're all familiar with that too-full-to-move feeling that comes with holiday dinners. Lydia C. Steinman, distinguished senior lecturer and undergraduate instructional administrator for the department of nutritional sciences, offers advice on how to avoid it and still get your fill.

Make one of these easy, wallet-friendly treats to take with you (can you manage it) to Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend!

With Turkish, Indian, BBQ and Italian fare, Fun Fun Fun Fest will host over 20 food cart vendors to satisfy appetites in between performances. 

From alcoholic milkshakes to foosball and karaoke, these venues offer something different for those of you looking to try something new this weekend.

Longhorn Life brings nightlife cocktails into the comfort of your home. Sit back, kick up your feet and try this recipe for sparkling peach sangria or non-alcoholic apple mint cider.

After a night of cocktails and beer, you may find yourself in booze-induced munchie mode. Check out these spots for 24-hour, late night dining that is sure to quiet growling tummies.

Cook to impress with these recipes for turkey pinwheels and a flavorful Greek pasta salad.  This meal is just what you need to cure those end-of-summertime blues.

Summer might be coming to a close, but the weather is still warm and perfect for a gourmet outdoor picnic.  Gather your friends for a trip to Zilker Park or plan a romantic date for two. Cook to impress with these recipes for tasty turkey pinwheels and flavorful Greek pasta salad.  Simple but classy, this meal is just what you need to cure those end-of-summertime blues.

As the summer heat dies down, check out Austin's selection of breathtaking outdoor eating venues. From ranch-style casual to Mediterranean elegance, Austin's ourdoors can be enjoyed at any time - even while dining.

Summer is basically here, the weather is hot and it’s time to say goodbye to sweaters and hello to bathing suits. And there’s no better way to beat the heat than with this thirst quenching strawberry lemonade smoothie by using some of the season’s freshest fruits.

It’s that time of year again — local favorite snow cone trailer Sno-Beach is open and ready for business. Only there’s something different about the offerings this summer. Sno-Beach has added a new flavor to their large, option-filled menu: sweet tea.

The bright side of the scorching Texas summer heat is that there are many different spots that offer cooling and refreshing snacks and drinks to help ease some of the swelter. The following restaurants and shops are guaranteed to satisfy your summertime thirst and appitite.

An infusion of deep-magenta hibiscus tea with a splash of your choice of orange juice or apple juice, the Hippie Cooler is Flipnotics’ newest sensation.

Throw your own Cinco de Mayo party or just a feast for yourself with these quick and easy, yet delicious recipes from south of the border.

  We all have our food weaknesses — those yummy treats that make our mouths water instantly just at the thought of them.

  Sun Farm Kitchens is not just a restaurant but a bit of a revival act.

In the transition from dorm to apartment, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice is your newfound access to a full kitchen. Check out this cute kitchenware to make cultivating your culinary talents a bit more fun.

You’re finally moving off campus and into a place of your own. There are no more community bathrooms, cramped closets — or meal plans. Never fear, because Longhorn Life is here to help you make it through those first few meals on your own and with ease.

Easy Tiger may look like just a bakery, but it has a basement full of more bread, plenty of booze,  and even features an outdoor deck. The long-anticipated Easy Tiger Bakeshop and Beer Garden opened Jan. 24 on East Sixth Street, just west of the I-35 access ramp. 

 Whenever you’re too busy to go out to eat or too lazy to go pick something up, convenient delivery services come to your rescue. The delivery food of choice is often pizza, but there are plenty of other campus delivery options that you’ve probably never considered.

Navigating the aisles of a supermarket can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone a college student whose idea of grocery shopping is a trip to the 7-Eleven for a bag of chips and a 12-pack of Shiner. Now that you’ve graduated from mini fridge to full-blown kitchen, it’s time to stock your shelves with real food.