If you’re looking for a romantic dinner experience this Valentine’s Day but need ideas for a specific spending range, look no further.

Cook up this main dish for a romantic dinner at home.

Just because Valentine’s Day is mid-week doesn’t mean you can’t have fun after class. When your last class lets out, grab your honey and kick off your steamy night with this easy-to-make dinner and dessert that’s sure to get you in the mood.

The Super Bowl party is at your place this year, but you don’t want to break the bank feeding your friends. Have fun with these not so common, but quick and cheap recipes that will blow your friends minds.

 The rain may have stopped for now, but the weather outside today doesn’t exactly bring about a warm fuzzy feeling. If you’re looking for a lunch to bust through those post-rain blues, try these simple recipes.

Most new year’s resolutions incorporate edibles: to eat healthier, to go vegetarian, to eat with more variety. Whatever yours may be, these foods are a must-have in 2012. And this list has a variety of tasty things, so you’re sure to find a favorite in here somewhere.

Opening in December and operating inside Daily Juice’s Hyde Park location, Sweet Ritual Desserts is one of the newest sweets dealer in the campus area.

Christmas has past, and while most are excited to return to UT’s bustling campus, a barren pantry and empty fridge could have you singing the home cooking blues.  But, there’s nothing better than a good casserole to remind you of why you miss Mom after all.

With the transition of fall into winter comes certain cravings: one of which, is delicious roasted chicken. It’s the epitome of homemade comfort food—and the warmth and aroma of a classic roasted chicken are vital parts of the autumn season.

With 73 beers on tap and more than 130 bottled beers in stock, Flying Saucer in the Triangle continuously rotates their menu, highlighting beers for every occasion — and the holiday season is no different.

Burritos, sandwiches, pitas, even German doener kebaps — the Drag offers almost every food genre to hungry Longhorns on a daily basis. The key word in that sentence: almost.  Austin newcomer Noodles & Company is changing the Drag’s food landscape with its one-stop-shop for your favorite pasta dishes.

No matter your religion, there’s an upcoming holiday you’re sure to be pumped about. The big three — Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa — celebrate very different cultures, each with history, traditions and foods all their own. The common thread: these holidays all encourage family and friends to get together and indulge in the holiday spirit. One way to celebrate is with food — and lots of it.

Though it many not seem like it outside, summer has transformed into fall — and with the new season comes new flavors at local fro-yo favorite Swirl.

When it comes to fall, certain images come to mind: changing leaves, cooler weather, and of course, pumpkins. No matter where you are, there’s bound to be a pumpkin-flavored goodie nearby that will bring the joy of fall to your taste buds.

It’s hard to find a truly satisfying burger outside of my own kitchen. But now, thanks to new Sixth Street-eatery Sputnik, everything I love about my homemade burger is now possible without help from my George Foreman.

Let’s imagine that it’s a school night and you’re craving a meal with some Mexican flare—but you don’t have the money to go out to eat or the time to prepare a complicated dish. What do you do?

Get ready for the Halloween holiday with this easy recipe, fit for any dorm or apartment party!

Since moving to Austin, I have been dying to find a French restaurant to indulge my Parisian cravings. I had heard great things about the atmosphere, prices and menu at Blue Dahlia Bistro, a quaint restaurant serving up traditional French fare. So I grabbed a friend and we ventured over to East 11th Street to see if Blue Dahlia really lived up to all the hype.

Each year, some of Austin’s finest food vendors set up shop under the Austin Eats tent, a food court-like setting with vendor booths and places to sit. Each vendor selects a couple of items off their regular menus to sell to all the hungry concertgoers. After all, being outside in the sun for up to 12 hours a day can really work up an appetite.

From cute cupcakes to creamy queso, Austin offers more eateries than anyone could ever fit on their bucket lists. Foodie-duo Andy and Lindsey Potter are taking Austin’s food scene to the next level with their Austin Eats Food Tours.

The variety of activities available in Austin can be overwhelming, especially when you’re knee-deep in textbooks and syllabi. If you are spending your summer in here in the Capitol city, then it is time to make some headway on your Austin to-do list.