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Professors share five pieces of wisdom, advice and knowledge they've acquired in their time at UT.

Professors share five pieces of wisdom, advice and knowledge they've acquired in their time at UT.

Susan Clagett coordinates and plans large-scale public events for the University.

The world of bosses and briefcases can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know where to start. With graduation nearing closer, seniors will soon be leaving their familiar classrooms and professors and entering into a brand new phase of pursuing careers.

It’s no secret that The University of Texas has some of the top-ranked programs nationally in undergraduate education and the tradition continues for graduate programs as well.

Kiersten Legge, Pest Control Technician in the Landscaping Department of Facilities Services

 Holly Williams

Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

[17 years at UT]

 Dave Garlock

Senior Lecturer, School of Journalism

[23 years at UT]

Patricia Roberts-Miller, Ph.D.

Professor, Departments of English and Rhetoric and Writing

[12 years at UT]

  There’s no debate that the Tower is a beacon of pride for UT students, but have you ever thought about what’s inside that beautiful spectacle?
Among many important offices — including that of President Powers — resides the office that serves as the first step in the process of becoming a Longhorn: the Office of Admissions.

 With the Texas Primary Election on May 29, which was moved from its original April 3 date due to redistricting disputes, Longhorn Life sat down with Jason Casellas, Ph.D., assistant professor in government to talk about his views on the 2012 presidential race.

 Darlene Wiley

Professor, School of Music

[21 years at UT]

 Daniel Hamermesh, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Economics

[19 years at UT]

Name: Scott Meyer

Title and Department: Director of Food Service in the Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS)

Years at UT: 11

If you and your special someone are already “playing house,” you may be facing a huge new opportunity— the chance to live with each other. Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be an important and scary step in life.  How do you know when the timing is just right?

It was raining and cold on an early morning in February as Littlefield Patio Cafe workers wiped down tables and made preparations for the day, the dawn’s sunlight barely creeping over the trees.

Have you ever been driving around campus in search of a parking space and found one with a sign reading “Reserved- A permit carpool”? If you were to join the University’s carpool program, that spot could be yours.

Professors share five pieces of wisdom, advice and knowledge they've acquired in their time at UT.

Professors share five pieces of wisdom, advice and knowledge they've acquired in their time at UT.

It’s no secret that clear communication is the key to a successful relationship. Just how important is talking it out? Longhorn Life sat down with James Pennebaker, Ph.D., professor and chair of the department of psychology to answer this question.

Upon walking into the Student Services Building, at first one doesn’t notice the sexual health services office nestled with a small library to the left. Gulielma Fager, the health education coordinator, immediately makes you feel comfortable as you walk into her cozy office. She is the sexual health guru at University Health Services; any question you may have, she can answer.

Jennifer Graf Sims: Our office tries to help the UT staff solve problems and do conflict resolution, depending on what the specific issue is. And, since our office just opened in July, this is the first time that the staff has had representation in terms of having an ombuds officer.

For many people, the New Year brings about vows to get organized or clean out their space. What many may not realize is that the way in which you set up your space and arrange your stuff actually has an effect on you mentally.

In February, Population Research Center affiliate Leticia Marteleto will publish a study that investigated educational inequalities in Brazil.