Student Life

Between school, work, friendships, and extracurricular, who has time to worry about being healthy? But it doesn't have to be that difficult or time-consuming.

So you do not have a car, and you have to get somewhere. What do you do? Get a Fasten? No! Go get on a CapMetro bus, it is free!

Now that you have arrived on campus you might be slightly concerned about its size, the places to eat, and even the social environment. Being a first year can be hard, you are battling homesickness all the while trying to discover your “place” at UT. But don’t worry, the following nine tips will help you navigate the, sometimes difficult, trials and tribulations of freshman year. 

Rivalry runs deep.

Fashion sure has changed over the years!

Learn how to support or join Texas Ultimate at UT Austin. 

UT Austin Best Buddies implements purpose of the holidays by befriending those with developing disabilities. 

GirlAdvocates! is a student organization that strives to empower girls globally, locally and individually.  They encourage and promote education, positive self-image and mentorship for young girls in Austin.

According to Girl Rising, an international organization dedicated to empowering girls, 66 million girls around the world are out of school. According to local organization GENAustin, around forty percent of female high school students in Texas report depressive symptoms, and feel sad or hopeless. Enter GirlAdvocates!.

UT Austin students host can drive for Capital Area Food Bank to end in hunger in America. 

We provide some useful tips to enjoy your study abroad experience.

Texas 4000 members share their experience about training and biking across the country in support of cancer research. 

Kuros! founder shares his story of starting his company that arms women and gives women a fighting chance in India. 


With a heart for the trees and an affinity for hanging between them, Texas Hammocking is making a name for itself on the Forty Acres.

Texas Hammocking, an organization formed earlier this semester, is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness, actively seeking service opportunities and enjoying the Austin outdoors. Co-founders Olivia Nguyen and Jordan Lewis felt inspired to start the organization while sitting in hammocks at Pease Park this summer.

UT Austin student a capella group One Note Stand orchestrates concerts for charities in Austin. 

Try one of these on-campus databases to find your perfect part-time job during the semester. 

Learn how the University Fashion Group represented The University of Texas at Austin and took New York Fashion Week 2014 by storm. 

One of UT’s newest philanthropies, END7, pioneers the effort to get college students involved in the fight against neglected tropical diseases in the developing world.

“We want to eradicate the seven neglected tropical dieses of the world that are treatable,” END7 Communications Officer Holly Matecko said.

These seven diseases: roundworm, hookworm, elephantisis, onchoceriasis, shcistosomiasis, trachoma and whipworm, affect one in six people worldwide, and are the most common diseases of the world’s poor.

A group of UT students will make the trek overseas to help a community in Ghana develop its water infrastructure this August.

Everyone agrees that healthy food is fresh food, but for many college students, fresh veggies and herbs just don’t mesh with the dining hall diet.

Austin City Council’s vote to reduce occupancy levels in ‘stealth dorms’ further increases the difficulty students face when it comes to housing. The vote in February that approved the new limits constitutes one of three votes that will be held on the issue. 

Students can expect see a few more shiny, bald heads in their classes after this year’s Brave the Shave.

This year, the streets of West Campus will contain some new landmarks. Side-by-side with the bright lights, wooden letters and neon T-shirts will be bright blue recycling bins among the rows of fraternity and sorority houses. 

If you came to The University of Texas with a goal to have as many adventures as humanly possible (and study… sometimes), Texas Outdoorsmen can make that goal a reality.

Stimulating student entrepreneurship has become an increasingly relevant concern for students, faculty and administration at UT.