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Senior Ben Freed knew what it was like to advertise a student group on campus with little effect. So, he began with a simple Facebook page, and, after a bit of trial and error, he co-founded — with advertising sophomore Jason Tennenbaum (pictured) — Free At UT.

Student chatter around the 40 Acres


Not really feeling the black cat or witch costume this year? Try one of these up-to-date costume ideas ripped straight from the headlines or raid your closet for some free, quirky alternatives.

Get ready for the Halloween holiday with this easy recipe, fit for any dorm or apartment party!

School spirit is a top priority and tailgating is a way of life here at UT, so when it comes to wearing our school colors, we’re not limited to plain logo tees, replica jerseys and baseball caps. When you’re planning your tailgate attire for the Red River Rivalry game this weekend, try checking out some of these Longhorn-friendly treasures on The Drag.

While watching the mile markers pass, the city of Philadelphia in my rearview mirror, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made the right decision. Leaving home for the first time is rough for many people, but choosing to go to a school in a completely different time zone creates a unique mix of utter excitement and absolute dread.

The a cappella group slowly squeezed into the ICU room of a 10-year-old girl bedridden with a brain tumor. Her parents had heard the UT students singing in the lobby of Dell Children’s Medical Center and had asked them to come sing the one song that would encourage their daughter the most—“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

Take a look at the different student organizations that help address Greek life issues on campus.

Every year for more than a decade, the University Co-op has planned and funded the George H. Mitchell Student Awards for Academic Excellence, this year awarding nine finalists with prize money.


Which is better: studying alone or studying with a group?  Longhorn Life decided to try and answer this age-old question.

Taking finals is hard enough, but the studying process can be quite a stressful time for students. Here’s some advice from experts Sarah Sloan and Laura Ebady.

Many believe that the recipe for college and career success is a list of internships and a degree on your resume — just as the high school formula of extracurricular activities plus grades and high SAT scores equaled getting into a good college. But contrary to popular opinion, internships aren’t the only way to make a resume stand out from the stack.