Student Life

We're all familiar with that too-full-to-move feeling that comes with holiday dinners. Lydia C. Steinman, distinguished senior lecturer and undergraduate instructional administrator for the department of nutritional sciences, offers advice on how to avoid it and still get your fill.

Ever wondered heard the Tower bells chiming and wonder who plays them? Ali has the scoop on what's known as the Kniker Carillon and the Guild of Student Carillonneurs who serenade campus.

If you're not leaving Austin for winter break, there's still plenty to do that calls for festive cheer and holiday spirits. Check out some of the city's most celebratory events.

Staying in Austin for the holidays? You may want to take on a seasonal job, which is a great way to pass time and make fast cash over winter break for students not going home.

Friday, November 9 KVRX presents Moshed Potatoes and Gravy - featuring Bobby Jealousy, Rayon Beach, the Unknown Relatives and the Bad Lovers.

Celebrating Halloween in Austin is easy; selecting from a large selection of spooky activities is not. We've picked a few of your best options to choose from.

Andrews, Blanton, Carothers and Littlefield battled to see who could conserve the most energy between Oct. 1 - 21 in the Quad Energy Challenge, a power-saving contest.


This year marks the 11th anniversary of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. While most Austinites use the acronym ACL to talk about the music-packed event, it also represents the longest running music program on television.

Longhorn Life hit the 40 Acres and took the pulse on what's hot in fashion, functionality and your opinions.

The Student Events Center puts on events throughout the week, both during the day and at night. As a bonus every event is free, so you won’t end your night with empty pockets.

One of the best parts of being a UT college student is spending weekends downtown and exploring Austin's thriving nightlife. But with so many local bars and clubs, it can be hard to decide where to go. Check out these Longhorn Life favorites on your next downtown excursion.

UNICEF's UT student chapter is utilizing students' love for all things downtown to make an impact on the lives children halfway across the world.

Between rent, tuition, textbooks and groceries, being a student in Austin is undeniably expensive. These deals make it possible to have fun without spending $15 on a cocktail.

Use these pointers to avoid making common bar tab mistakes downtown, like forgetting to close your tab out and grab your credit card before you head home for the night. 

UT student organization Queer People of Color and Allies (QPOCA) hosts their annual Bloq Party - a fun-filled mixer that lets attendees learn more about the group's mission and support LGBT people of color. 

With the variety of outdoor activities that Austinites have to choose from on a daily basis, it’s no wonder Austin often ranks as one of the “fittest” cities in America. Combine that with Texas’ warm, sunny climate for the perfect place to get out and explore. 

Cook to impress with these recipes for turkey pinwheels and a flavorful Greek pasta salad.  This meal is just what you need to cure those end-of-summertime blues.

Summer might be coming to a close, but the weather is still warm and perfect for a gourmet outdoor picnic.  Gather your friends for a trip to Zilker Park or plan a romantic date for two. Cook to impress with these recipes for tasty turkey pinwheels and flavorful Greek pasta salad.  Simple but classy, this meal is just what you need to cure those end-of-summertime blues.

“Texas fight! Texas fight! And it’s goodbye to A&M!” Seriously, though. As of July, it's official: Texas A&M has joined the Southeastern Conference. 

 William “Bill” Liechty, a doctoral candidate and NSF graduate research fellow in the chemical engineering department at UT, was awarded the $10,000 grand prize for his research on the use of biopolymers and nanotechnology for drug delivery systems.

If you’ve been a studying, caffeine-chugging drone this past week, you may have not noticed that Mother’s Day is creeping up quickly. Don’t fear, though. If you use a little creativity, you can give your mother the day she needs without looking like you got her gifts last minute.

Finals week is that time of the semester where we flood our bodies with caffeine in the hopes of being able to survive long hours of studying. However, your body (and your sanity) can only take so much, so you need to make sure to give yourself a break!

 Longhorn Life stopped UT students on the Forty Acres to find out their fun summer plans!

 Longhorn Life stopped undeclared freshman Stephanie Reyna on the Forty Acres to get the low-down on her style.