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George F. Miller, an astronomy and Plan II Honors senior, was presented with the George H. Mitchell Student Award for Academic Excellence Wednesday evening at a dinner ceremony hosted by the University Co-op.

Beach volleyball may seem like something you’d only find in places like California, but a student organization at UT is proving that the sport can catch on just about anywhere.

It’s hard to miss the construction on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe streets, across from the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center. What was once parking lot F27 will now become the Belo Center for New Media, which will house the KUT Public Broadcast Center as well as parts of the College of Communication.

The bright side of the scorching Texas summer heat is that there are many different spots that offer cooling and refreshing snacks and drinks to help ease some of the swelter. The following restaurants and shops are guaranteed to satisfy your summertime thirst and appitite.

It’s hard to imagine a world without mobile phone applications. With so many options, finding the best ones and trying to be ahead of the crowd can be difficult. So here are a few soon-to-be-launched apps for you to check out now… before everyone else does.

By the time summer in Texas is in full swing, those triple-digit temperatures can leave you desperate for the refuge of any place that is air-conditioned — but who wants to spend all summer inside? Take a break from the typical (and scorching) afternoon sun and sweaty crowds at Barton Springs and instead, save your outdoor adventures for the evening with these nighttime activities.


When it comes to planning for summer vacation, there are often so many trips you would like to take that it can become difficult to choose where to go. Typically, the deciding factor for college students is budget ­— how much money do you have and how much are you willing to spend. So crack into that piggy bank and count up your change! We’ve planned great summer destinations for every budget.

Living in an urban area may be fun, but it can get a little claustrophobic sometimes. Nothing will make you feel more free than spending a night in the great outdoors.

Do you need to pick up a few hours to graduate on time? Is summer school looming in your immediate future? Do you fear your vacation is over before it even started? Cheer up, hombre. I know that summer school may seem like the bane of your existence, because it is essentially an oxymoron in the most horrible way, but if you're forced to spend another month and a half or so on the Forty Acres you could be doing a whole lot worse.

Many young Longhorns dream of the day they can join the Texas Exes and put one of those sweet license plate frames on their car. Some may not realize they don’t have to wait to graduate to become a part of the organization.

When I moved into my dorm room as a freshman in my first year of college I was able to pack all my belongings neatly into the trunk of my Acura MDX. Five years later, I am now in my first year of graduate school, and between the four of us roommates, we have five coffee makers, countless dishes, seven brooms, two couches and five computers.

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

  If you’ve passed by the Texas Union lately, you’ve likely noticed men in hard hats and heard late-night construction. Renovations for this historical building have been underway since May 2011 and are now just a couple of months away from completion.

  After attending meeting upon meeting for different groups around the UT campus, Sofia Buitrago was beginning to think she would never find an organization that both made a difference in the community and made its members feel completely welcome.
Fearing she would never be satisfied with existing groups, she created her own.

Texas sorority alpha Kappa Delta Phi set up events this past week dedicated to their philanthropic work to breast cancer awareness. Their national philanthropy is bringing awareness to breast cancer, which they fundraise for in both the fall and spring semesters.

Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an awesome spring break next week. By budgeting and taking advantage of online deal sites, your dream vacation can be yours.

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

Student chatter around the 40 Acres

Live on campus? Then you are already a member of the University Residence Hall Association (URHA), a group closely tied to University Division of Housing and Food Services and responsible for managing student’s residence hall communities.

 Creating a bedroom design to fit your personality can sometimes be a challenge when resources are limited. As a college student living on sandwiches and Easy Mac, you probably don’t have the money to splurge at IKEA to create your dream room. However, even with the recession hitting your bank account, you can still have a space you love that lets your inner self shine.

Thanks to public transportation, you don’t necessarily need to own a car to make the trek across Austin to get downtown or pick up groceries. Whether you’re living on campus or off, buses offer an easy way to get to where you want, when you want (well, more or less). And, lucky for you, Capital Metro is free with your UT ID.