On-campus resources that lead to part-time positions


A few months into the semester, many students begin to feel strapped for cash. Longhorn Life compiled a list of available university-operated job banks that offer employment to students both on and off campus.


Built to serve student and alumni, this system requires logging in with your UT EID and password. There are close to 1000 job postings in this database, and employers constantly update job descriptions. The search bar allows you to organize job listings based on your experience level.

For example, a recent graduate would likely select “entry level,” while those still taking classes can choose “student level,” which yields internship and co-op results.  Don’t be turned off by the term “internship.” Internships, while often unpaid, typically offer real-world experience that full-time employers are looking for. The database lists more than 300 internship opportunities, including organizations such as Amnesty International, C3 Concerts, Austin City Limits Live and 3M to name a few.


This site maintains a large, comprehensive job bank exclusive to students currently attending the university. You are automatically registered with the system upon enrollment, so your login is the e-mail address you have on file with the university. All you have to do to utilize the site is reset your password.

There are a variety of jobs available, ranging from seasonal, summer, part-time, on-campus and local positions. What makes this system easy is that you can pick and choose the companies to which you send your résumé, making the application process easier than ever.

However, be mindful that some employers require more than just a résumé. Do not let that stop you from applying. Be prepared to submit the cover letters and additional portfolio samples that might help you land the job of your dreams.

University Unions

For students who wish to work on campus at the SAC or Union, there is a specialized application to fill out. On The University Unions’ website, there is a drop down tab under “Unions.” Follow this order: info, employment, part-time jobs and currently available. The result offers full job descriptions for current openings as well as what the hourly wages are, which might range from $7.75 to $11 an hour. If you go into to “part-time jobs,” you will find the two-part application.

UT Libraries

Hourly student jobs with the university’s library system can sometimes be found on hirealonghorn.org. Otherwise visit www.lib.utexas.edu/admin/employmentand at the bottom of the page, you can fill out an hourly application. You will want to make several copies of this application once you are done in order to submit it to several libraries on campus. Attempt to speak to a hiring supervisor as well to determine if that library has any openings at the time of your search. A good time to do this is near the start or end of the semester, when students may be leaving their positions or graduating.

UT Direct Job Search

UT Direct offers a wide variety of positions, ranging from internships to part-time positions to salaried positions. Once logged in with your UT EID, narrow your search based on the type of position you’re looking for, your pay range and your field of interest.  Even with these tools, it may still be difficult to find a position available that is not full-time; keep in mind that this database is a popular one for recent graduates looking for entry level positions in their degree fields.

College Specific

Check with the career services of your college to see if a unique employment system is offered. For example, College of Liberal Arts students have exclusive access to Beyond the Tower, McCombs maintains its own system, etc.

With so many resources at your disposal, the chances of you remaining unemployed for long are slim. On behalf the staff at Longhorn Life, good luck!