Five Money Saving Apps

College students understand the struggle of budgeting their money, but smartphones appease their stress with a vast selection of money-saving mobile applications.

Try any of these free apps to enjoy the luxuries of shopping and eating out while stretching your wallet farther than ever.

If you’re indecisive about where to eat, use the Hooked app to make up your mind while saving money. Hooked has short-term deals at various restaurants on campus, on the Drag and throughout the surrounding area.

Simply scroll through the available deals, pick a place, tap the “Get Hooked” icon and show your smartphone to the cashier to claim your deal.

A few of the many participating nearby restaurants include Fuzzy’s, Austin’s Pizza, Potbelly, Oishi, Jamba Juice and Starbucks.

Be on the lookout for free food with no strings attached. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert— Hooked helps students dine out with some spare change in their pockets.

Available for free for Apple and Android products.


Couponing may seem old school to some, but RetailMeNot brings it back in style by offering users thousands of coupons right at their fingertips.

Search for stores and browse categories to find specialized coupons. The “Today’s Hot Deals” feature shows the newest discounts that stores offer. There’s no need to print out the coupons. Claiming a deal and showing your cashier instantly saves you instant money. You can even save and bookmark your favorite stores to save time browsing in the future.

RetailMeNot also sends frequent emails when you sign up and highlights the best deals near you. This nation-wide app has great offers that can benefit any student.

Available for free for Apple and Android products.


It’s one thing for an app to provide great deals; it’s another for one to give rewards. Shopkick users can earn gift cards to stores like Target, Starbucks, Best Buy and Macy’s by earning points for each of their purchases. Users can also earn points by walking into stores featured on the app, as well as scanning certain products in-store and redeem them later for gift cards.

Download the app and instantly earn free points each day when you browse new deals.

Available for free for Apple and Android products.


Although this app is not exclusive to money-saving deals, the “Offers” page features in-store and online coupons that every UT student can use to get discounts on books, school supplies, room decorations and Longhorn apparel.

The store’s products can be pricey, so this app is a great way to avoid over-paying. Nearly every student at the university utilizes the University CO-OP, so downloading this app will save everyone a few bucks.

Available for free for Apple and Android products.

Campus Special

Another app designed exclusively for college students is Campus Special, which shows the nearest deals for food, clothes, home accessories and much more.

It even provides directions to stores for first-time visitors.  The app offers a variety of deals and allows users to earn loyalty rewards that enhance the app’s already great discounts. Anyone who uses this app definitely won’t break the bank.

Available for free for Apple and Android products.