A new campus organization for outdoor enthusiasts

Texas Hammocking makes its way to UT Austin


With a heart for the trees and an affinity for hanging between them, Texas Hammocking is making a name for itself on the Forty Acres.

Texas Hammocking, an organization formed earlier this semester, is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness, actively seeking service opportunities and enjoying the Austin outdoors. Co-founders Olivia Nguyen and Jordan Lewis felt inspired to start the organization while sitting in hammocks at Pease Park this summer.

Lewis, a marketing senior, noticed that very few student groups dedicated themselves to hiking and appreciating the great outdoors when he arrived at The University in 2011.

“Sometimes the best way to do it is to do it yourself,” Lewis said.

Since the club’s founding, membership has far surpassed Lewis and Nguyen’s original 10-member goal. Texas Hammocking has seen huge growth in their social media presence and newsletter. Trek Light Gear, a highly esteemed outdoor equipment vendor, recently sponsored the group.

The organization is broken into two components–service and social. Three official events take place each month: one general meeting, a service event and a social event.

In addition to official monthly meetings, officers encourage members to update the group on new and exciting hammocking spots or fun areas around Austin that are worth exploring further.

Trek Light Gear, Texas Hammocking’s sponsor, gives members a discount when a hammock is ordered through the club. The company is “much younger and much more grass roots” than many other hammock companies, said Lewis, which he feels reflects the core values of Texas Hammocking and its members.

The organization’s most recent service event took place at the Barton Creek Greenbelt on National Public Lands Day. The group helped move rocks to prevent erosion of the rock-climbing wall at the Greenbelt.

In the future, Texas Hammocking plans to create its own service opportunities and fundraise for sustainability foundations and other causes that benefit the environment.

Though Texas Hammocking attracts people with a passion for the outdoors and bettering the environment, members are not required to participate in service projects. Members do not have to pay any dues and you don’t even have to own a hammock to join.

“If you love the outdoors and want to find people with similar interests, Texas Hammocking is the place to go,” Nguyen said. For more information about Texas Hammocking, find the group on Facebook or shoot them an email at texashammocking@gmail.com