Liberal Arts Honors collect cans for a cause


The holidays inspire everyone to give back, and the Liberal Arts Honors Student Council got a head start by hosting a food drive during the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break. 

“We also chose to do it before Thanksgiving because a ton of people do the food drives during the holiday season, but people don't just get hungry over Thanksgiving or Christmas,” Liberal Arts Honors Student Council President Haley Williams said.

The food drive will run from Oct. 24 to Nov. 13, and all the food products collected will be donated to Capitol Area Food Bank.

“The purpose of the food drive is both to donate food to those in need, but also to raise awareness of hunger among LAH students,” LAH Student Council Member Hannah Shepard said. “I think it's really easy to get trapped in the UT bubble, where everyone has dine-in-dollars and Bevo bucks. It's really important to remind our students of those less fortunate in the greater Austin area. Even with the homeless individuals on the Drag, I think we tend to become desensitized to these people and a food drive is a great reminder that students can actually take action to make a positive difference.”

LAH students were inspired to have a food drive after learning about the scope of hunger in America in their classes.

“The idea for the food drive honestly came up because I felt like a horrible person, Williams said. “I'm in a sociology class and we have to watch documentaries for class and we watched one about food insecurity in the United States…It was hard to watch these kids talk about going to bed hungry knowing that I have a full fridge and pantry full of food and the ability to get sushi or Raising Canes whenever I want. I watched the documentary over the weekend and at the start of our LAHSC meeting on Tuesday, I asked if people would be interested and it got a resounding yes.”

So far the food drive has been successful. LAH Student Council is encouraging students to bring cans by publicizing the food drive and offering a prize incentive for participants.

“We wanted to get as much food for the food bank as possible, so we offered an incentive to people who bring in three or more cans to also get their name entered into a raffle for free tickets to our Honors Formal in December,” said Williams. “I'd like to think the thought of helping people is what is encouraging people to bring in cans, but I'm sure that a free ticket isn't hurting either!”

While LAHSC students hope to collect as many cans as possible, they also hope to inform more students = and make sure they are aware of not only the food drive, but about hunger and poverty in our city, state and country.

“I hope that a lot of people get involved and bring in even one can of something.” Williams said. “One of my favorite quotes from Danny Thomas is ‘I’d rather have a million people give me a dollar than one give me a million. Then you’ve got a million people involved.’ I completely agree with this. I would rather have every single person bring in one can and then learn about where the food is going or why the food banks in Austin are so necessary than have one person bring in one million cans. Though it'd also be pretty cool if people brought in one million cans too!”

If you would like to participate in the LAHSC food drive, bring any donations to the collection box located in the Liberal Arts Honors Office CLA 2.104.