Ways of tricking yourself into being healthy


1.  Drinking water frequently will help you feel full without actually stuffing your face with Twinkies and Krispy Kreme donuts before class. Make sure to sip before and after bites taken.

2. Fiber and protein are your best friends. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer, so make sure to shop for foods with fiber in them. Protein sends signals to your brain to confirm your satisfaction. So basically if you tell yourself you’re full, you will be.

3. Eating slowly and thoroughly chewing your food tells your brain you are full. So chill out you vacuum and savor each and every bite. 

4. Grab a smaller plate that makes it easier to eat everything on it. Seeing your plate empty will be reassurance that you are full. This could save you the trip of going back for seconds.

5. Studies show you are more likely to consume more when you’re distracted by TV, computer, music or your phone.  This gives you a reason to sit down with family or friends, be social and pay attention to something other than technology. Good luck. 

6. Put that extra-large Dorito bag and those 12 Oreos back in the pantry, grab a banana. Eating a smaller snack is smarter. Remember, portions matter and avoiding processed snacks is key. 

Working Out

1. Walking to class or riding a bike instead of taking the bus is an easy way to exercise. Maybe even wake up 10 minutes later than usual to force yourself to have to walk to class. Stop by Starbucks for a motivational cup of coffee and get out there!

2. If you aren’t used to working out, tell yourself you will only be at the gym for a short amount of time. By persuading yourself you will only be there for 45 minutes to an hour, you’ll be more likely to go over time and maybe even enjoy yourself. Scary, I know.

3. Working out is fun when you’re doing something you like. Find a sport you like to watch and learn how to play it. If you’re uncoordinated, learn balance through yoga. If you can’t dance but love Dancing with the Stars, join Zumba. If you do something you hate, chances are you’ll drop it when you should be dropping it like it’s hot.  

4.  Make a playlist of your favorite songs and don’t stop exercising until you’ve listened to every one. Whether you like crying to Drake, rapping to Young Thug, doing Justin Bieber karaoke or singing to Beyoncé, it’s likely you’ll enjoy your workout more than you’d expect. 

5. Know that beautifully toned and fit person in your class? Make friends with them and exercise together. If you happen to have a friend who goes to the gym more than studying, give them a call. Motivation is best when it’s from someone you know and aren’t afraid to cuss at, cry to or express how fed up you are.

6. Leave your gym clothes in your backpack or car. Restrain from temptations by bringing them with you to class, work, etc. Just think about it, you’re driving home/opening your backpack, you look and see your gym clothes staring back at you in disappointment. You’ll have no choice but to feel bad as you try to come up with excuses and hit the gym.